Is This The End Of Facebook? What Marketers Should Know

This week Facebook suffered its longest outage since Tom from MySpace hung up his white t-shirt and ceded the social media throne to Mark Zuckerberg. In what I’m sure was coincidental timing, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp simultaneously went offline the day after [...]

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One Step Marketers Forget While In Search Of Scalable Results

Speed and Agility are valuable in far more places than athletics. Not the least of which is your business. Marketing leaders and those that they answer to, be it ownership, C-Level executives, business partners, or even significant others are often [...]

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Your Influencer Pool Just Got Deeper

The Crossnet Influencer Pool Recently the NCAA capitulated to common sense a court order and legalized the compensation of college athletes for their name, image, and likeness. The biggest winner here, of course, is the athletes. Within hours, Fresno State’s Cavinder twins- [...]

Hiring Marketing Talent After a Pandemic

The end of the pandemic has brought on a new set of unprecedented times (drink!). As brands return to the office, they’re likely to notice a significant difference in their officemates. A large number of marketing and communications professionals left [...]

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