Can We Really Count On Facebook?

This week, Facebook/MetaZuck broke DTC Twitter and sent media buyers scrambling everywhere when it randomly shut off top-performing ad campaigns at 7:30pm Pacific. At least they waited until many media buyers were on their way back from their lunch breaks. [...]

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Is This The End Of Facebook? What Marketers Should Know

This week Facebook suffered its longest outage since Tom from MySpace hung up his white t-shirt and ceded the social media throne to Mark Zuckerberg. In what I’m sure was coincidental timing, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp simultaneously went offline the day after [...]

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6 Facebook Audiences Your PPC Campaigns Are Missing

Have you ever seen an ad on Facebook that left you thinking, “How did they know?” Whether you’re newly engaged, love video games, or hungry for a pizza in 30 minutes or less, Facebook has a method for targeting you. [...]

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Facebook Messenger Ads – Gimmick or Game Changer?

Marketing leaders recently gained a new weapon in their Facebook Marketing war chests: the ability to serve their ads via Facebook’s Messenger platform. But is Facebook’s latest tool for advertisers a game changer in terms of social ad personalization, or [...]

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