Can We Really Count On Facebook?

This week, Facebook/MetaZuck broke DTC Twitter and sent media buyers scrambling everywhere when it randomly shut off top-performing ad campaigns at 7:30pm Pacific. At least they waited until many media buyers were on their way back from their lunch breaks. [...]

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Next Level Facebook Ad Tips For High Budget Campaigns

Social media ads of all kinds are undeniably one of the most potent ways to reach your desired audience. With social algorithms’ constantly improving abilities to identify target audiences and serve ads to niche interests, it is an effective way [...]

iOS 14.5 Updates & What It Means For Your Ads

While the media made much ado about Apple’s colorful new iMacs and other product launches this week, Facebook quietly announced a series of changes that are far more meaningful for marketing leaders. Facebook sent an email to a limited number of ad [...]

Facebook Messenger Ads – Gimmick or Game Changer?

Marketing leaders recently gained a new weapon in their Facebook Marketing war chests: the ability to serve their ads via Facebook’s Messenger platform. But is Facebook’s latest tool for advertisers a game changer in terms of social ad personalization, or [...]

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