PPC Management Services

Your eCommerce customers are shopping online right now on Google, Bing, Amazon and even YouTube. Search results are more ad dominated than ever before. Google shopping, video ads, building audiences and remarketing campaigns are becoming the future of building your business online.

Fidelitas Development is dedicated to building optimized PPC and digital advertising campaigns that get our clients in front of their customers online and provide the highest possible ROI.

AdWords for eCommerce

Google is still the king of online advertising, with over 80% of search ad clicks taking place on Google. Competition is fierce. Fidelitas Development brings nearly a decade of AdWords expertise to every campaign that we create, and ROI is our number one priority.

Bing Ads for eCommerce

Bing Ads offer an opportunity for eCommerce businesses to reach an extremely attractive niche audience on Bing and Yahoo search. Bing users are often older, earn higher incomes and have larger families, but these searchers are regularly ignored by eCommerce marketers. Fidelitas Development understands the importance of reaching the right audience on the right platforms, including Yahoo and Bing.

eCommerce YouTube Ads

When used correctly, Youtube Ads can be one of the most effective eCommerce tools. Not only is YouTube one of the most popular websites out there, it also provides advertisers access to very specialized digital content. Fidelitas Development offers an in-house video team that will create the right content for your Youtube ads, and a digital marketing team with the expertise to reach viewers that convert.

Advertising on Amazon

Your website isn’t the only place where customers purchase your products online. Amazon is often the first place shoppers go when looking to buy online, and presents a huge opportunity to savvy eCommerce brands. Fidelitas Development’s eCommerce team will work with you to build campaigns on Amazon that convert without cannibalizing your website’s sales.