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Fidelitas Development is a team of marketing leaders trained to serve other marketing leaders.
Our team is experienced helping a variety of brands grow by:

Serving as an Outsourced CMO.

Our team is trained in StratOp, a strategic process for gaining clarity, and we leverage this unique process to help clients obtain a clarity around the direction of their marketing campaigns, far beyond the next piece of creative, media purchase, or press release. Entrepreneurs, Founders, and CEOs need to focus on running their business and maximizing their profit. Fidelitas helps organizations lacking in-house marketing leadership by providing vision and direction for the brand while collaborating with in-house marketing, sales, and customer service teams as needed- just as a six-figure CMO would.

Leveraging Emerging Opportunities.

Everyone knows the technology available to marketing leaders is constantly changing; however there’s a difference between recognizing change and harnessing its potential for future growth. The Fidelitas team is committed to staying up to date on emerging technologies like AI, voice search, and others to leverage them for our clients. Our team is committed to staying ahead of our competition while abstaining from “shiny object syndrome,” which can slow down even the most intentional marketing teams. Fidelitas clients can rest assured that if we’re investing time and resources into an emerging technology, it’s going to play a critical role in their future success.

Expanding Your Existing Team’s Bandwidth.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a team of one or one hundred- every marketing team is at least one person short of its ideal size due to hiring restraints. The Fidelitas team fills in those gaps in a variety of roles, from serving as a resident expert for digital marketing campaigns and social media management, to becoming an external Communications Director handling your brand’s PR needs. Our team is flexible and we scale our service offerings to fit the needs of each client.

Providing Measurable Results.

The standard operating procedure of agencies regurgitating a Google Analytics report with little to no analysis isn’t just tired, it’s hurting brand-side marketing leaders and forcing them to blindly make uninformed decisions with their marketing strategies.

There’s a better way.

Fidelitas is committed to providing best-in-class reporting for our clients, centered around answering three critical questions—what worked, what didn’t work, and what’s next—while providing strategic insight and direction on the best path forward. It all comes back to our mindset of serving our clients as a partner, not a vendor.

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