Speed and Agility are valuable in far more places than athletics. Not the least of which is your business.

Marketing leaders and those that they answer to, be it ownership, C-Level executives, business partners, or even significant others are often weighed down under pressure to launch the perfect product with the perfect message to the perfect audience at the perfect time anchored by the perfect offer that was validated by the perfect focus group… you get the point. Marketing teams, both in-house and agency-side, need to move away from the pursuit of perfection in favor of scalable results that improve over time, powered by a relentless foot on the gas.

The marketing landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before. Blink and you’ll miss the real-time adjustments media buyers are making in light of Apple’s wall-building around its garden of future ad revenue protection of its customers’ privacy, the emerging trend of live-streamed eCommerce opportunities, the reshaping of email marketing, enhanced influencer partnership opportunities, and re-emergence of live events.

Those that wait to execute flawlessly will miss the opportunity to execute.

Marketing leaders and their teams must shift their mindsets to a prioritization of velocity with continued optimization on the fly, as opposed to the all-too-common model of pursuing perfection out of the box, which more often than not leads to stagnation and lesser results; if the initiative is able to launch at all.

This isn’t possible without buy-in from several stakeholders, but perhaps none more important than Account / Project Managers. The professional cat-herder in your life has their work cut out for them and in many organizations serves more as the last line of defense against a mistake making it out into the wild. But I’d argue that a glorified editorial/quality assurance role is a waste of your AM/PM’s most valuable skillet, which is to simply get things done with maximum efficiency and profitability.

Our generation of marketing leaders has a larger opportunity to innovate and capitalize on being early to execute than I’ve seen at any point since Myspace was still a thing and Facebook was just coming into its own. Make sure to instill the right mindset with both your internal and external teams to enable the velocity that will give your business an edge in the long run. Give them permission to scale- and fail- quickly. Because if you don’t, they won’t. But there’s a good chance your industry-leading competitors will.

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