It’s a poorly kept secret that some of the top-performing brands that have mostly withstood the shifts to Facebook’s ad platform are the ones with the best products (duh), and more importantly for today’s discussion, the best creative assets. The challenge for most brands and their marketing leaders: where does that creative- and the budget for it- come from? The ideal solution for most marketing leaders is an all-hands-on-deck approach. That means leaning in for help from your agency partners, influencers, in-house staff, and customers.

Marketing leaders are often tasked with “content creation,” but much of it goes to waste when it’s not repurposed beyond its original form. In-house marketing leaders need to help a brand’s in-house content and social media teams connect the dots on opportunities to create multi-purpose assets. Also, there are two things most brand-side marketing leaders can count on: being at least one teammate short of what they’d like to have on their team and an underutilized Dropbox folder of raw assets sitting in the cloud gathering dust. Sharing and repurposing those creative assets is a quick way to level up existing creative without breaking the bank.

Influencers are perhaps the most underrated source of content for brands and their paid media teams. Marketing leaders should be placing clauses into their influencer agreements that allow the brands to repurpose the influencers’ content. Influencer and UGC content often outperform scripted content that the brand or its agencies produce explicitly for paid ad campaigns. A single piece of influencer content- an unboxing, a review, or a straight-up endorsement- can easily be repurposed into a half dozen pieces of content- stills for carousel ads, shorter videos, full-length YouTube ads, and more.

The same goes for customers. UGC content, often acquired simply by asking or by running a contest, is another way savvy marketing leaders can multiply their creative assets without breaking their budgets. Post-production edits can more often than not be handled on a lower-cost creative retainer from an agency when needed while expensive productions are needed less frequently, leaving more money for the brand’s actual ad budget.

There’s never been a better time to re-examine your brand’s creative asset strategy. Is your team firing on all cylinders? If not, or if you need a Strategic Marketing Partner to help take your creative to the next level, we’d love to talk. Just reply to this post and our team will be in touch.