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Project Description

Family Center Stores


Create a new website that is both user-friendly and engaging while setting the stage for eCommerce functionality in 2018.


Fidelitas worked with Family Center Stores, a Regional Farm and Home Retail Chain based near Kansas City, to migrate their site to the Magento platform. As Family Center worked to prepare its ERP and product data for eCommerce, the retailer wasn’t ready to roll out a shopping cart immediately.

In the interest of saving the client money in the long run, Fidelitas recommended building out the new site on the flexible Magento platform in order to allow for data integration at a later time, as opposed to a second rebuild in as many years. This led to a much more user-friendly site with new features including an online job application form, the ability to sell gift cards online, and an interactive locations feature. Now, as Fidelitas and Family Center enter phase 2 of the rebuild, the best is truly yet to come for Family Center Stores.

Family Center Stores
Family Center Stores