What The Zero-Click Debate Means For Your SEO Strategy

For those of you that don’t regularly engage in #SEOTwitter, you might have missed SparkToro Founder (and regular Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast Guest) Rand Fishkin’s report that only 35% of all Google searches result in a click of any kind. Join Michael and grab some [...]

Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Other 2020 Marketing Trends | LSMP Episode 88

In episode 88, Tyler is joined by John Wall, author at Trust Insights and Marketing Over Coffee's podcast host, who gives valuable nuggets on 2020 marketing trends. Listen to the Episode!

eCommerce Growth Strategies with Bulk Reef Supply’s Jeff Cash | LSMP Episode 87

In episode 87, Tyler is joined by Jeff Cash, Director of eCommerce at Bulk Reef Supply, who emphasizes the importance of being an authority in your niche and helping your customers realize how your products help fulfill their dreams. Listen [...]

Whitelisting and Influencer Marketing with Hashtag Paid’s Phil Jacobson | LSMP Episode 86

In episode 86, Tyler is joined by Phil Jacobson, who discusses the common mistakes brands are making when working with influencers and implementing their own whitelisting campaigns Listen to the Episode!

Google Helps Merchants with Free Feed Listings, Plus a Panel! | LSMP Episode 85

In episode 85, Tyler is joined by Ivonne Kinser, Danica Carey and Jonathan Steffens to explain their strategic pivots amidst the pandemic. Listen to the Episode!

5 Ways Firearm Brands Can Advertise Online WITHOUT Google Ads and Facebook Ads [Updated 2021]

Every marketing leader knows that Facebook, Instagram, and Google rule when it comes to digital customer acquisition and engagement. Except, there’s a problem every shooting sports brand faces. Facebook’s (and as an extension, Instagram’s) advertising policy specifically prohibits the promotion [...]

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Integrating Your PR and SEO Strategies

As the rules of search engine optimization continue to evolve, one thing is for sure: quality content and quality links that lead to an improved user experience on your site matter more than ever before. This makes it critical for [...]

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