Grooming Your Brand for eCommerce Success with Calvin Quallis | LSMP Episode 107

In episode 107, Tyler is joined by Calvin Quallis, Founder and CEO of Scotch Porter. Calvin speaks on how to develop ecommerce success, balancing risk with self-forgiveness, and building emotional relationships with consumers. Listen to the Episode! Grooming Your Brand for [...]

Effective Retail Marketing Strategies to Adopt | LSMP Episode 106

In episode 106, Tyler is joined by Devin Gillette, Director of Retail at Black Diamond Equipment, who shares her retail marketing strategies. Listen to the Episode! Effective Retail Marketing Strategies to Adopt with Black Diamond Equipment In Episode 106 of the [...]

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The Pulse of the Ad Industry with American Advertising Federation | LSMP Episode 105

In episode 105, Tyler is joined by Steve Pacheco, the President and CEO of the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Pacheco explains his career path leading him to the AAF and what drove him to his start in the Ad Industry. Listen [...]

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Last Mile Fulfillment Strategies | LSMP Episode 103

In episode 103,  Tyler is joined by Brittain Ladd, Chief Marketing Officer & Supply Chain Manager for Pulse Integration, who goes into depth about Fulfillment strategies and how companies need to implement a new business model to align with the [...]

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How the Pandemic Is Influencing Podcasts | LSMP Episode 102

In episode 102, Tyler is joined by Cole Raven, Co-founder of Podchaser, who goes into depth about the benefits of podcasts and guest appearances for PR strategies and how Podchaser is a useful site to find the best podcast for [...]

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Homerun eCommerce Strategies with Dugout Mugs | LSMP Episode 101

In episode 101, Tyler is joined by Nate Lagos, Chief Marketing Officer at Dugout Mugs, who touches on the balance of discounting and sales and how to find the sweet spot for customer incentives and company profitability. Listen to the [...]

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Integrating Sales and Marketing Strategies with Showpad’s Russell Wurth | LSMP Episode 99

In episode 99, Tyler is joined by Russell Wurth, Vice President of Sales Enablement at Showpad. Russell gives his insight on the mindsets and priorities of sales and marketing teams and the importance of cross-team communication. Listen to the Episode!

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Video Marketing Tips and Tricks | LSMP Episode 98

In episode 98, Tyler is joined by Daniel Glickman, Chief Marketing Officer at Wave.Video. Daniel reveals his comprehensive list of video marketing tips, ultimately advising to keep it simple and leverage a set marketing strategy. Listen to the Episode!

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