All Press Isn’t Good Press

One of the first questions we ask new PR clients (and all clients for that matter) is what winning looks like for them. Everyone has different goals when they engage an agency like Fidelitas. When it comes to PR, some are [...]

What The Zero-Click Debate Means For Your SEO Strategy

For those of you that don’t regularly engage in #SEOTwitter, you might have missed SparkToro Founder (and regular Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast Guest) Rand Fishkin’s report that only 35% of all Google searches result in a click of any kind. Join Michael and grab some [...]

Stimmy Season, What It Means For You

The long-anticipated new round of stimulus checks have started hitting the accounts of potential customers around the country. If marketing leaders like you are going to take advantage of Christmas in March, you’re going to have to act swiftly. To summarize the [...]

What Shopify’s Affiliate Secret Means for You

#MarketingTwitter is abuzz with the news: Per 2 PM, Shopify is secretly building an affiliate program. Moreover, their first partner in this soon-to-be-public venture is TikTok. So what are marketing leaders to do, besides buy the dip on Shopify stock while they still [...]

New Marketing Channel? Ask These Five Questions First

If you've spent any time in #MarketingTwitter, #DTCTwitter, or other marketing circles lately, you're probably battling FOMO with the latest invite-only app, dispo. (If you've got an iPhone and are still waiting on a Clubhouse invite, just comment on this post and [...]

Top 10 Mistakes Amazon Sellers are Making

E-commerce is an incredibly lucrative industry nowadays, as more and more consumers transition from shopping at brick-and-mortar stores to making purchases online. Amazon, the eighth-largest United States corporation in terms of total revenue, is an obvious choice for vendors looking [...]

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15 Conversion Killers That Will Stop Leads Dead in Their Tracks

Every marketing leader understands the frustrating moment when every aspect of a campaign seems to be set up for success, but the conversions still aren’t coming through. Even the savviest PPC and affiliate marketing campaigns can face eCommerce sites and [...]

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5 Audiobooks Every Marketer Needs to Download

If you’re anything like me, you’re motivated to read and keep learning. If you can’t get a coffee with someone that you look up to in order to “pick their brain,” how better to learn from them than to soak [...]

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