Maximize Your Email List With Influencer Marketing Giveaways

It’s an indisputable fact that email reigns as the king of marketing. From facilitating brand awareness to boosting sales, email marketing remains the number one way for brands to engage with their audiences. While it might seem logical that social [...]

How Is Your Brand Responding To This Recession?

It’s unofficially official: we’re in a recession. How long it lasts and how bad it gets are up for debate, but we have officially entered the land of low consumer confidence, skyrocketing interest rates, lingering logistics challenges across the Pacific, [...]

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Can We Really Count On Facebook?

This week, Facebook/MetaZuck broke DTC Twitter and sent media buyers scrambling everywhere when it randomly shut off top-performing ad campaigns at 7:30pm Pacific. At least they waited until many media buyers were on their way back from their lunch breaks. [...]

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Where I’d Spend $100,000 On Ads Today

Hi there, and Happy April Fool’s Day. In case you’re just looking for April Fools inspiration today, here’s a rundown of today’s April Fools jokes from brands. As the advertising landscape continues to shift, a handful of folks have started playing [...]

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The Definitive Guide of Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and CLV

Today, we’re going to discuss two metrics: Customer Acquisition Cost and Customer Lifetime Value. We’ll talk about what these metrics are, how you can calculate them, and why they’re worth tracking Introduction to Customer Acquisition Cost Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) [...]

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