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Lucrative eCommerce Ventures with Ben Knegendorf | LSMP Episode 112

In episode 112, Tyler is joined by Ben Knegendorf, host of the BK Show and serial eCommerce expert. Ben highlights that SEO is nowhere near dead and needs to be valued more in the eCommerce community. Listen to the Episode! [...]

Evolving Into a Global Brand With Shiri Hellmann | LSMP Episode 111

In episode 111, Tyler is joined by Shiri Hellmann, VP, Vice President of Marketing at SodaStream. Shiri gives some insight into how to market the same product with various global narratives. Listen to the Episode! In Episode 111 of the [...]

Stimmy Season, What It Means For You

The long-anticipated new round of stimulus checks have started hitting the accounts of potential customers around the country. If marketing leaders like you are going to take advantage of Christmas in March, you’re going to have to act swiftly. To summarize the [...]

The Definitive Guide To Email Marketing Automation In 2021

 Introduction: What Is Email Marketing Automation? We’ve all noticed social media has been on a meteoric rise. There are constantly new consumers and eager eyes watching their Twitter timelines, Instagram feeds, and even LinkedIn profiles. But what about email? [...]

What Shopify’s Affiliate Secret Means for You

#MarketingTwitter is abuzz with the news: Per 2 PM, Shopify is secretly building an affiliate program. Moreover, their first partner in this soon-to-be-public venture is TikTok. So what are marketing leaders to do, besides buy the dip on Shopify stock while they still [...]

Bridging the Gap Between Native Mobile Apps and The Web | LSMP Episode 110

In episode 110, Tyler is joined by Stephanie Cox, VP, Sales and Marketing at Lumavate. Stephanie dives into the importance of Progressive Web Apps compared to native mobile apps. Listen to the Episode! Bridging the Gap Between Native Mobile Apps [...]

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New Marketing Channel? Ask These Five Questions First

If you've spent any time in #MarketingTwitter, #DTCTwitter, or other marketing circles lately, you're probably battling FOMO with the latest invite-only app, dispo. (If you've got an iPhone and are still waiting on a Clubhouse invite, just comment on this post and [...]

Revolutionizing Brand Growth with AI Technology from Vizit | LSMP Episode 109

In episode 109, Tyler is joined by Jehan Hamedi, the Founder and CEO of Vizit. Jehan explains how Vizit empowers marketers to enhance their visuals with data and increase brand growth with AI technology. Listen to the Episode! Revolutionizing Brand [...]

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37 Effective PR Strategies To Improve Your Campaigns In 2021

 We all know that good press is oftentimes a key to success, and this article is going to be a guide to the true inside tips for professionals to maximize their PR efforts. 1. Know Your Audiences Sparktoro is [...]

Marketing Leaders Are Stretched Thinner Than Ever

“Let fires burn. One of the ways that blitzscaling entrepreneurs can stay alive is by deciding to let certain fires burn so they can focus on the fires that, if allowed to rage unchecked, really will destroy the company.” - [...]

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