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“If people like you, they will listen to you. But if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

– Zig Ziglar

About Fidelitas

What’s In a Name?

Fidelitas [fi-del-i-tas]


1. Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.


2. To develop brand loyalty through intentional story telling.


Fidelitas Founder Tyler Sickmeyer cut his marketing teeth as a Christian concert promoter, quickly earning a reputation for his forward-thinking approach to event marketing. As the only college student promoting national shows, Tyler was the first in his industry to leverage Facebook and Text Message Marketing, creating a greater ROI for himself.

In 2008, Tyler and his former business partner, Andy, were approached by an Orlando establishment to turn around sales. Tyler and Andy’s marketing strategy took sales from $30,000 in month one to $120,000 in month two- leading to the creation of the agency that would eventually become known as Fidelitas Development.

Location is Everything

Fidelitas didn’t truly take off until Tyler relocated to the west coast in 2012. Now headquartered in the historic Wonder Bread Building in Downtown San Diego, Fidelitas is well-positioned to attract best-in-class talent while remaining a short flight away from most clients.

Present Day

Fidelitas has expanded its services to offer a more robust set of strategy-driven solutions for its clients. Though the seemingly small team isn’t the largest shop in town, we’re proud to produce great work – and results – for strategically-driven clients across North America while remaining privately owned and operated.

What’s Next

We’re well aware that Fidelitas earned its edge by staying ahead of industry trends. Our growth strategy is focused on the maintenance of that very mindset. So while the industry as a whole struggles to adapt to the rules of voice search, chat bots, and Augmented Reality, we’re already looking ahead to the next great opportunity for our clients.

The offers of acquisition are flattering, but don’t look for Fidelitas to go anywhere anytime soon. We love what we do, and our team’s competitive nature and drive won’t allow for anything less than the best for our clients- or Fidelitas itself.