Have you ever seen an ad on Facebook that left you thinking, “How did they know?”

Whether you’re newly engaged, love video games, or hungry for a pizza in 30 minutes or less, Facebook has a method for targeting you. Businesses around the world are using Facebook audiences to get their messages in front of exactly the right people at exactly the right time.

Is your business taking full advantage of all the in-depth targeting that Facebook and Instagram ads have to offer?

If you’ve been targeting by age, gender, location or occupation you’re only scratching the surface. If you’re ready to take things to the next level, here are 5 Effective Facebook Targeting Methods You Haven’t Tried Yet.


Target Event Planners

Want to target Facebook audiences with dozens of potential customers in their social circles? We all have friends that invite you to everything on Facebook.

While some of those invites may fall on deaf ears, many develop into exciting weekend plans or “can’t miss” events. Take the opportunity to be right there on a party planner’s newsfeed as they’re setting up their next big event.

For many of life’s most important events, Facebook allows you to target party planners before the party planning even begins. You can target the friends of people who just got engaged (bridal showers, bachelor parties), just moved (house warming parties) or have a birthday coming up. Get your products on the guest list before the first invite is ever sent out.


Screenshot of Facebook Event Planner Targeting


Target Video Viewers

Does your business share a lot of videos on Facebook? If not, get on it!

Not only does Facebook allow you to retarget users that watched one of your videos, but you can now take it one step further. Now, in addition to targeting individuals that watched your whole video, you can also target them by how much of your video they actually saw.

Did their interest dip after the 3-second mark, or did they stick with you until the end? Did you offer a deal in the first 10 seconds that wasn’t enough to keep their interest, or did they watch your set up only to miss the punch line?

Whatever the statistics may be, use this feature to reward the viewers that stuck with you until the end or get a second chance at those who lost interest after a few seconds.


Facebook Video Targeting Screenshot

Target Your Top Engagers

Any social media manager will tell you how important strong engagement is to organic social media campaigns. Getting Facebook audiences to engage with, and share, your content on Facebook for free is incredibly valuable to your brand.

Why not reward the users that engage with your page the most with a special offer?

By targeting Facebook ads towards your top engagers, you can give your biggest fans another reason to get excited about your brand. If they were sharing your content for free, they’ll be 10x more likely to share when they receive a “secret sale” offer in their newsfeed.


Facebook Engagement Targeting Screenshot


Retarget Your Facebook Leads

When using Facebook to build leads it can be easy to collect a user’s email, add them to your email list, and forget about them. You spent money to collect that lead, why not get as much value out of it as you can?

A segmented email list is a great way to reach your current and potential customers, but when a user tells you that they like to interact with you through Facebook don’t just send them another email. Get your brand in front of them on Facebook!

The same people who send all the promo emails they receive to their spam might be happy to connect with your brand on social media. In fact, you already know they’re happy to interact on Facebook because they already did!


Facebook Leads Targeting Screenshot

Target by Income or Net Worth

When it comes to Facebook ads, even experienced marketers can forget the importance of one of the 4 Ps of marketing: Price. Part of making sure that your ad has an impact is putting it in front of Facebook audiences shopping for products in your price range.

For example, showing off a luxury sports car to a low-income Facebook user is really just a tease. So why do most car dealerships forget about income targeting when placing Facebook ads?

Income and Net Worth targeting isn’t just for luxury brands. There are very few products out there that appeal to everyone, regardless of their budgets. Some products will actually fall flat for being too cheap for a certain audience.

You may get a click on your ad, but you’ll fail to convert if your product is viewed as “low quality” due to a lower than expected price tag. Whether you’re selling $5 t-shirts or $500 jeans, it’s worth it to consider income targeting for every Facebook campaign you run or you’ll risk throwing your budget away.


Facebook Income Targeting Screenshot

Target The Look-a-Likes You Didn’t Know You Had

There are dozens of Look-a-Like audiences you can build on Facebook, but few advertisers take full advantage of their options on the platform.

Facebook Custom Audience Targeting Screenshot

Popular Look-a-Like audiences include email and text lists, customers, and Facebook fans. These are all strong options, but there are many other options that you may not have considered:

  • Leads you got through Facebook
  • Users that read a blog post on your site
  • Users that have converted on your site more than once
  • Users that have converted on your site for a large dollar amount
  • Users that have interacted with your business from a certain region
  • Users that interact with your business during a certain time of year
  • Users that converted during a certain time of day
  • Users that watched a video on Facebook or on your website


No matter what type of Look-a-Like audiences you go with long-term, it’s a good idea to test and evaluate as many different potential audiences as you can come up with. For a small investment you may discover a look-a-like audience that delivers some serious ROI.

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6 Facebook Audiences Your PPC Campaigns Are Missing
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6 Facebook Audiences Your PPC Campaigns Are Missing
If you’re ready to take your Facebook ads to the next level, here are 6 Effective Facebook Targeting Methods You Haven’t Tried Yet.
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